How to distinguish non-woven fabrics? How to distinguish the quality of non-woven fabrics?

Editor:海宁市江雅纺织品有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-12-15 

How to distinguish non-woven fabrics? How to distinguish the quality of non-woven fabrics? Do you know how to distinguish the good from the bad when buying non-woven fabrics? The following editor will introduce to you.

1. Burning.

Of course, the materials processed in this way may not be able to be operated again, but if the real qualified products and inferior products can be clearly distinguished, it is worthwhile to lose a part of the materials. The characteristics are different from the normal materials, so it can be started after a fire, and the partition will be extinguished immediately, and the color of the flame is also different from the real non-woven fabric, which is easy to distinguish.

2. Soak in water.

The operating water can quickly detect the authenticity of polyester non-woven fabrics. Since the proportion of non-toxic products is very small, they will immediately surface after being pressed into the water, while the products of different grids will be pressed into the water afterwards. It rarely surfaced, because the specific gravity is greater than that of water, this is a test of the competitive strength of the establishment.

3, thigh chestnut.

This type of weaving will not cause any damage to the material. If the PET non-woven fabric emits a crisp sound when pumping, it is declared as a qualified product, if the sound is very boring, it is a low-quality product.

Due to the hot growth of the PET non-woven product market, many fake non-woven products or products of severely different quality have appeared on the market, causing serious infringements on the rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, these products must be dealt with in the procurement process. The problem is carefully distinguished to prevent serious operation problems from flashing up.